"Science Moms"

Science Moms encourages mothers to join the fight against climate change

Florence director Spencer Creigh helmed two films in the new campaign.

"LA-based production studio Florence has produced two new films in partnership with the Potential Energy Coalition to raise awareness for Science Moms, a newly launched group of climate scientists and mothers which aims to demystify climate science and motivate action to protect children’s futures. 

Directed by Florence director Spencer Creigh, the ads offer the authentic perspectives of mothers, who also happen to be climate scientists, in a targeted call to action for moms around the world to get involved and advocate for science-based decision making. 

The central tenet of Science Moms is that tackling climate change requires a new kind of energy - mom energy. Moms are the bedrock of communities and when they want something done, they do it fast and efficiently. Through home videos, family photographs, behind-the-scenes footage, archival news imagery of disasters, and voiceover, Creigh and team build a world for the viewer - a way into the everyday lives of these women striving to raise their children and protect the earth for their futures. Speaking about their priorities and concerns, the mothers provide a warm, personal, and compelling argument for what is at stake for all families."

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“We were very happy to produce this campaign for Science Moms,” says Florence Founder/EP Jerad Anderson. “It’s a much-needed message in our current reality of increased wildfires, flooding, and severe storms. Reiterating that climate change is not a partisan issue, and shouldn’t be framed as such, but a human issue - it’s so necessary.”