Cliqua Interview

news | 12.4.2020

Cliqua Interview

GQ Article

Meet the duo making some of

the most exciting music videos out.

The era of million-dollar music videos filled with jet ski chases, blockbuster special effects, and shiny suits galore is firmly in the past. But although everything isn’t gilded anymore, the medium itself has entered a new golden age nonetheless, with Beyoncé and JAY-Z shutting down the Louvre, DaBaby staging Broadway-inspired rap musicals, and Dua Lipa shooting disaster movie scenes with well-crafted special effects.

In particular, Spanish-speaking artists like Bad Bunny, Rosalía, and J. Balvin have put an emphasis on their visuals, subverting the conservative norms of their genres—Bad Bunny was made up as several different female characters in the clip for “Yo Perreo Sola”—using real film for richer textures, and creating stunning shots with blockbuster levels of coordination, like Rosalía walking cooly through a sea of running children in “TKN.”

Cliqua, the Los Angeles-based, Mexican-American video directing duo of Pasqual Guttierez and Raul “RJ” Sanchez, has played a key role in crafting these aesthetics. They’ve worked on videos like J. Balvin’s “Reggaeton,” Rosalía and Ozuna’s “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi,” and several of Bad Bunny’s 2020 hits, including “La Difícil,” “Vete,” and “Ignorantes,” all of which have view counts well into nine figures. Cliqua’s grittier look helps ground the clips, giving them a sense of tangibility that many overly slick U.S. pop videos lack. The “Reggaeton” video has an on-the-run quality, featuring New York street shots that make a global entertainer like Balvin look as cool and collected as a young Brooklyn drill star. Bad Bunny’s “Vete” is moody and shadow-cloaked, with corkscrewing shots of the singer dancing in a single beam of light or standing like an action hero in front of a burning car.