Hawaiian Airlines Campaign

news | 8.24.21

Hawaiian Airlines Campaign

Created on LED Volume Stage

'The Keepers of Vacation' shows how easily a dull or stressful situation can be transformed into the tranquil beauty of Hawaii, made with cutting edge production technology.

Americans are terrible at taking vacations and after the last 18 months of stay-at-home orders, they need a vacation more than ever. MullenLowe LA has created a new campaign for Hawaiian Airlines 'The Keepers of Vacation' which launches this week.  

The work inspires people to dream of a Hawaii experience far from their everyday lives. Meticulously crafted and built on an LED Volume Stage, Production company Florence shows how easily a dull or stressful situation can be transformed into the tranquil beauty of Hawaii. Each spot begins in a mundane, everyday space – a lonely, sterile office or a chaotic family home. A moment later, one of the people trapped in each environment happens across an evocative image of Hawaii, transporting their thoughts to a dream vacation. As they wistfully look at the photographs, Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants magically and gracefully sweep into the space. Their friendly warmth and caring service effortlessly deconstruct the everyday surroundings, transforming one into a beautiful beach and the other into a majestic rainforest. The guests walk off into their ideal vacations, perfectly facilitated by Hawaiian Airlines.

“Bored Room” and “Work from Home” will run on social, digital, local TV and OLV channels starting August 23.      

As the only leisure-focused airline based in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines’ culture is centered around the aloha spirit. Their unique values give the airline permission to act as the protectors of vacation with one mission: taking Americans from the mundane world of overworking to the majestic destination of Hawaii. The campaign leans into Hawaiian Airlines’ DNA of an exclusively leisure-focused, Hawaii-based airline to showcase their expertise, warm hospitality, and aloha spirit.

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